Seth Wilson's Css Page

My Background and Experience with Computers:

My name is Seth Wilson and I have been working in the digital media industry since 1996. This website is my CSS page example for my web design students. I began using computers in the mid 80s for school work and in the mid 90s I studied multi-media communications and began to work in tech and creative industries in 1996. I honed my skills working in Broderbund’s Click-Art department and then moved on to a small start up. I was fortunate enough to find work at a small studio in Santa Cruz that created world class corporate communications and event media and spent almost 10 years there developing a wide range of projects such as interactive kiosks and cd-roms, illustration, design, branding, 3D animation and motion graphics. I now split my time between independent contract work and teaching digital media classes for our local Regional Occupational Program of Santa Cruz County.

My Services:

Motion graphics and 3D modeling and animation: I work closely with my clients to execute a successful vision of their marketing and corporate communication needs. Although I work independently I have a wide network of professionals within reach when extra effort is needed for writing, producing, filming and editing. I can develop compelling animations from rough outline to final animation. My goals are to always come in on time, under budget and on message. I work with my clients to develop their rough outlines and scripts into storyboards and animatics, finding unique ways to tell their story and deliver the message to the viewer. Working towards approval each step of the way ensures efficient use of assets, hours and budget. While I work remotely for the bulk of my projects I often meet with my clients face to face to ease the creative process and develop professional relationships.

Branding, Print Design and Digital Content:

Poster design, apparel graphics, event graphics, corporate identity assets, branding, logo design, business cards, UI and more. I enjoy providing and developing unique design solutions for any situation.


Vector illustration, editorial illustration, character design, storyboard development. Visual communication is at my core, illustration is in my blood… I use art to express and communicate. Able to work in a wide variety of styles.


I have been teaching digital photography for 3 years. I enjoy shooting portraits and take a pretty good picture. I use photography in my graphic process often. I even shoot some film when I want that authentic grain.

Instruction and Training:

I can tutor individuals or groups in the basics of motion graphics, graphic design, v ideo production, digital illustration, vector illustration, digital photography, 3 D animation and modeling. I currently hold a teaching credential for digital media arts and entertainment and teach 5 different subjects through the Regional Occupational Program at Santa Cruz High School.

My Work:

Motion graphic projects are my bread and butter but I love print design even more. The bottom line is I enjoy working with my clients to tell their story, communicate ideas and solve problems. My teaching schedule keeps me rooted in Santa Cruz during the school year so work that can be dome remotely is the best fit. I can work onsite during the summer months of June, July and August. I love teaching and enjoy giving back to the community through mentoring, instruction and career tech education.