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Alicia Buchter

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Here you will find all components of my portfolio, including my letter of introduction, resume, and other items from Mr. Wilson's series of career development projects, as well as my work samples.

About this website

This website was created in Mr. Wilson's ROP Web Design class at Santa Cruz High School. It is made with only html and CSS, and uses bootstrap as a platform. Nothing else! With HTML and CSS one can do incredible things, and with the help of bootstrap easy to use and beautifully designed websites can be created.

Bootstrap is the worlds most popular front-end a free framework designed to help people develop faster and mobile-first projects on the web. It contains html and css based design templates for typography, froms, buttons, tables, navigation, and much more. However, the main benefit for me is that it is responsive. Bootstrap's responsive CSS adjusts to any device that the audience is viewing the website on, whether is be a phone, tablet or computer. When you think about it, this is a very important aspect, because a non-responsive design can cause illegibility on smaller devices and can cut off important content. Have you ever experienced the frustrating scenario when you are trying to read content on a page that is designed to be viewed on a computer, and it is impossible to read or navigate throughout the website? Yeah. But bootstrap is here to change that, and coupled with CSS, responsive, beautiful websites can be developed.

HTML is the code to use to include all your content. It is used to create navigation, include images, and all text. However, my favorite part of the coding process is adding the CSS. CSS is a different format of code that is used to design the appearance of a page. To design a visually appealing page that is well laid out, we need a CSS page linked to our HTML document. Aspects of your page like colors, fonts, sizing, edits of images and much more are all included via CSS code, and these specifications are really what make your site stand out to an audience emersed in a sea of possible sites to view, and what keeps the interest of an audience with an incresingly short attention-span.